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Victoria Peak Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get to Victoria Peak?

There are many ways to get to the Peak, from the iconic tram to the a scenic public bus, or even hiking.

If you are only visiting one time then consider choosing one way for your assent and another for the descent.  The tram is a must-do trip, but has very lengthy queues at peak times, which is most of the time.  Consider taking the bus when you go up and the tram when you come down, particularly if you are staying for the evening view and will be taking the tram after dinner because late in the evening is not only the least business time, but also offers a great view of the lights of Victoria Harbour on the way down.

Check out the details for each of the different ways:

What is the best time to go to Victoria Peak?

Late afternoon to evening is the best time to visit the Peak.

Any time of day is a good time to visit the peak, but you'll have different experiences at each one.  The early morning offers the best daytime views over the harbour, the air tends to be clearer, and with milder temperatures it is a good time to take the Circular Walk or to go up to the Peak Garden or the Mount Austin playground.

For a view of the city lights in the harbour, and a less congested tram ride particularly on the way down after dinner, then an evening trip is best.

The best option is to combine day and night views is to take the bus to the top in the late afternoon, do some of the walks before dinner, and then take the tram down at night.

How much does Victoria Peak cost?

The Peak is free.

The Peak is an open space with no entrance fee.  However many of the things on the peak do cost money and require tickets. These include the Peak Tram, the Observation desk on the top of the Peak Tower, Madam Tussades and of course the many restaurants and cafes.

Read more about Victoria Park fees here.


How long does it take to walk up Victoria Peak?

It takes about an hour to walk up to the Peak.

Surprisingly not long, though of course it depends on the route that you take.  If you walk up from Central, basically following the path beside the peak tram tracks then it takes about an hour. The route takes you along the aptly named "Tramway Path" , which crosses Kennedy and then then Macdonnell Roads, before branching off onto Brewin Path and then May Path which merges into Old Peak Road.

Although this is the more interesting route, in that you can see the tram for much of the way, it is a little faster if you skip the tramway path and make your way through the nearby Zoological and Botanical Gardens, worth a look in their own right, and exit at the top end of the gardens onto Albany Road where a left turn takes you onto Old Peak Road for the remainder of the climb.  This route would cut 10 minutes off the walk, but you'll probably use up more than that time having an interesting detour in the gardens.

See hiking Victoria Peak.

Can you walk up to Victoria Peak?

Yes you can walk to the Peak.

In fact the walk is without much difficulty but it does take some time, about an hour, and is mostly uphill so does require some stamina, particularly in the summertime.

See hiking Victoria Peak.

What time does Victoria Peak close?

The Peak itself doesn't close.

As it is as a residential district it is open all the time.  The trams and the restaurants, shops and attractions each have their own opening and closing times.

Don't worry about going "too late" to the peak, being there at 10pm or midnight can be some of the best times in terms of it being a bit quieter, and the views over the harbour are great.  The lines for the trams are mostly gone by this time as well which means you can take that iconic ride down without waiting in a queue.

Does Octopus card work on Peak Tram?

Yes, you can use an Octopus card to pay for the Peak Tram.

Yes it does, you just "beep" with the card and HK$37 is deducted from the balance and the turnstiles open for you to go in.  You can even use the card to beep your way into the observation deck at the Peak Tower once you arrive there.

What is there to do at Victoria Peak?

See the view, escape the city, shop, dine, take the circular walk, picnic, visit attractions and more.

Most people go to the peak for the view, but there is a lot more to it than that.  As well as the paid observation deck at the Peak Tower there are great look out points all the way around the peak.  Take the Circular Walk to see many, though you should also go up to the Peak Garden which, while it is a bit bare and plain, has great views.  Taking a picnic into the nice grassy Mount Austin Playground is a very relaxing thing to do, and a great break from the concrete jungle and shopping.  But if shopping is your thing, then the shops in both the Peak Tower and the Peak Galleria will provide you with plenty of things to browse and buy.

Madame Tussauds is at the top if you would like a, admittedly small, themed attraction. But mostly walking around and seeing the atmosphere of what HK can be like when you are way from the city, yet are still right in the middle of the city, is what makes the Peak a special place to visit.


What MTR station is Victoria Peak?

Admiralty MTR Station is the closest to the lower peak terminus of the peak tram.

But if you are taking a bus then the Central or Hong Kong stations of the MTR are a better starting point.

Is Victoria Peak free?

Yes the Peak is a free thing to see in Hong Kong.

The Peak is a residential district with parks, walks, malls and plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops where you will spend money.  If you are on a budget though then you can take a public bus, or even walk, to get to the peak, have a picnic in the gardens on Mount Austin Road and spend nothing at all.

Is Victoria Peak near Victoria Harbour?

The peak is close enough to see Victoria Harbour, but a long walk.

In a way, in that you can see the harbour from the Peak.  But that is just because the peak overlooks the harbour.  In fact that is one of the main reasons that people visit the peak, is to get a great view of both sides of the harbour.  Particularly at night when the buildings are all lit up, ir is a world-beating site.

How do I get to Victoria Peak from Central Station?

Get to the Peak from Central station using Bus 15 or Green Minibus #1.

The best way would be to exit Central station via the walkway into Hong Kong station, and thence into IFC.  Follow the signs to the City Hall and outside the city hall take Bus 15 to the peak.  Alternatively walk through IFC Mall to the exit towards the ferry piers, turn left and take the escalator down immediately you exit the building at the walkway level and then go into the covered car-park and look for the Green MiniBus #1 which goes to the peak. 

How much is the tram going to Victoria Peak?

It costs HK$37 for a one way adult ticket on the Peak tram.


How do I get from Tsim Sha Tsui to Victoria Peak Tram?

Cross the harbour on the Star Ferry, then take the walkway as far as IFC mall, you will recognize it by the giant Apple store logo.  Instead of turning right into the mall you should turn left, take the lift down to ground level and walk 2 minutes to the City Hall.  Take bus 15 from outside the city hall.

Alternatively look for the Green MiniBus #1 which goes to the peak from the covered carpark under IFC Mall.

How long is the Star Ferry ride?

About 7 minutes of "cruise" time.

But when you also waiting for the boat, and boarding and disembarking you should allow 15 minutes in total.

How do I get from Victoria Peak to Kowloon?

Taking the tram down, if the queue isn't too bad, takes you to the lower peak terminus.  From there a taxi to Star Ferry would be cheap and then let you have the great experience of the "world's cheapest harbour cruise" to get to Tsimshatsui on Kowloon side.

How do I get to Victoria Peak by bus?

Get to the Peak by using bus 15.

There are several buses to the peak, we recommend the number 15 but the Green minibus number 1 also works well.  Take the number 15 from outside the City Hall, or the green minibus number 1 from underneath the IFC mall.

How many days do you need in Hong Kong?

Three days.

People have enjoyed half day experiences in HK, anchored by their trip Victoria Peak of course, but for a more inclusive experience allow at least three days.

Is the Peak Tram worth it?

For the price, yes it is certainly worth taking the Peak Tram

The time spent to queue for it at busy hours though, that may not be worthwhile if you are on a tight timeline.  Consider taking the bus up to the top of the peak, and then leaving the tram for later in the day when it is a little less busy.  You'll have to wait until past 10pm for it to become really quiet though.

Where is Victoria Peak Tram?

The Peak tram terminus is near Admiralty on Hong Kong island.

It goes from the lower terminus on Upper Albert Road, just outside the Admiralty district, the the Peak Tower which, despite the name, is not at the peak of anything.  In fact it is in a gap below the highest point which is Mount Austin. 

What is the coldest month in Hong Kong?

Generally February is the coldest in Hong Kong though January is sometime quite chilly as well. 

Can you walk down from the peak Hong Kong?

Yes, you can walk down from Victoria Peak.

As well as the route that leads into Central which you can take by following Old Peak Road down through the mid-levels there is also a great walk along Peel Rise which takes  you down to the other side of Hong Kong island, and leaves you near Aberdeen.



While often visited for the view the visitor should not forget that The Peak encompasses a wide range of dining options, from the casual to the sophisticated.  Within The Peak area are examples of many of Hong Kong's most authentic and distinctive styles, as well as international choices to fit all palates and budgets.


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