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Famous places in Hong Kong

Although Victoria Peak is by far the most famous tourist destination in Hong Kong, the city is, of course, well provided with many interesting attractions and sights for all types of visitors to the region. Beyond The Peak, Hong Kong is packed full of interesting places. You will find in this thriving city an eclectic mixture of off-the-beaten-track and world famous sights. With new ideas and tips that will let you experience the city in new ways and get the most out of your time.

Markets and shopping

Stanley Market

Located on the south side of Hong Kong island the small town of Stanley may once have been a fishing village but today it is mostly residential but also is home to some notable attractions. Most people visit because Stanley Market which is a series of packed streets lined with stalls selling everything from baseball caps to oil paintings. Almost entirely for the tourist, there is a distinctly kitsch feel to the market, but it does serve a valid purpose in providing every shopping need of a tourist in one small area.

Once you have walked through the market, there are many other interesting things right next to it. Along the seafront, you will find a promenade with cafes, food kiosks and restaurants. Don't miss out on passing both ways along the promenade from the market, both north and south, which have entirely different styles.

Also at Stanley is the reconstructed Murray House, a historic stone British Colonial building which originally was in Central but was moved here stone by stone. Today it houses restaurants and is a very photogenic spot to look out over the sea, where you will also see Blake Pier. Moving the pier to Stanley preserved it from demolition.

For more information visit the Stanley Market Guide.

Ladies Market - A tourist market certainly, but full of interesting things just as certainly. And only around the corner from the Fa Yuen Street market which has a much more local feel.  Find out more at

Temple Street Night Market - Right next a major temple, and a bustling street market that has both an official section full of touristic stalls, and an extended area with local street food, fortune tellers and street market that has both an official section full of touristic stalls, and an extended area with local street food, fortune tellers and hobbyist Cantonese opera singing. Read the guide at. Read the guide at

Bird Market - If you are a bird lover then this is a mixed bag, caged birds for sale, and cages as well.

Flower Market Road - Right next to the bird market is this wholesale flower market full of delightful blooms.

Cat Street - Despite the name, having nothing to do with pets or felines, this is a street antique market full mostly of reproductions but certainly worth a look for some amusing trinkets. Just a few steps from the Man Mo Temple mentioned below.


Parks, Hiking and Countryside

Hong Kong Park

One of the green lungs of the city the Hong Kong park is located down the hill from Victoria Peak and just above the business district of Admiralty.

Combining formal garden features with modern fountains, children's playgrounds, a cafe and a small but fascinating museum it is well worth time to visit.

Children will particularly like the aviary which has elevated boardwalks that allow you to view birds from a tree-top perspective. Although it is small, the park packs a punch and is a popular place for wedding photographs, lunchtime picnics and people doing exercises.

Don't miss the Tea ware museum in an original British Colonial building.

The park is run by the LCSD and more information can be found on their website.

Sai Kung - A popular remote district in the far north west of Hong Kong. A long trip to visit by minibus or taxi, but showing some real countryside that is otherwise hard to see in Hong Kong.  Popular with expatriate residents who would like some peace and quiet away from the city.



Culture, History and Religion

Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple is a traditional Chinese Temple right in the heart of the city. Within walking distance from many other interesting parts of the city, and less than 100 paces from the Cat Street market, it is a no-brainer destination for any visitor to HK.

Dedicated to two different deities in the Taoist pantheon it is particularly popular with students, for praying here is said to help with exam results.

Inside the small building, you will find an impressive array of spiral incense hanging from the ceilings, highlighted by shafts of sunlight that make for memorable photographs.

Located on Hollywood Road, it is near some nice modern eateries and is a good place to stop on the way to Cat Street or the PMQ, a nearby gallery of young Hong Kong artists.

 Kowloon City - A district of Hong Kong most often associated with the park now located there. With both modern park areas and a large historic area this is well worth visiting. Combining the traditional styles of a Chinese park with historical information about this district which has some very unusual background.


Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery on Lantau - amazing attractions with great views and a touch of Buddhist serenity.


Lei Yue Mun Seafood Bazaar - the most different way to buy and eat seafood anywhere in the world!


Wanchai - no longer the World of Suzie Wong, but now a thriving commercial district with historic and modern jammed against one another in delightful contrast.



While often visited for the view the visitor should not forget that The Peak encompasses a wide range of dining options, from the casual to the sophisticated.  Within The Peak area are examples of many of Hong Kong's most authentic and distinctive styles, as well as international choices to fit all palates and budgets.

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