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Mount Austin Playground on Mount Austin Road

This photo was taken in Mount Austin Playground, which is located on Mount Austin Road. The playground, with its manicured lawns and interesting flora and fauna, features paved walkways that wind their way around this tranquil green oasis. It also has an ornamental water fountain and there are European style buildings and washrooms in the grounds too.

There is a great children’s play area in the playground as well with slides, swings, bars and tunnels for the kids to play on. Lots of families enjoy having relaxing picnics here when the weather is good while the kids run around and play.

Once you reach the peak you’ll find the views from the viewing deck over the city and islands are simply jaw dropping and including a stop off at the Mount Austin Playground before or after enjoying the views over Hong Kong from the peak is a great way to make a day of it.

Mount Austin Playground is a great place to enjoy time with children, family and friends or as a romantic couple on the way to the peak whether you’re hiking along Mount Austin Road or getting to the peak using a tram or a taxi.

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